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    Chain Store Brief Information Nanjing Xinjiekou Store

    Nanjing Xinjiekou



    Golden Eagle Nanjing Xinjiekou store, as the Group's flagship store, standing in as the "China First Commercial Center" Xinjiekou commercial center. The Block A was in trial operation on 18 April 1996, it becomes one of the outstanding sales and unit sales performance store in the PRC quickly.  The Block B was in trial operation on 26 April 2014 with commercial area of 83,896 sq.m., and the existing operating area in Block A, are connected by a space corridor, an elevated glass walkway, bringing the total commercial area to over 113,138 sq.m.. It has provided fresh comprehensive lifestyle shopping experiences to our customers and fulfills customers' various needs for high quality lifestyle. As at 31 December 2018, the GSP of Nanjing Xinjiekou Store reached RMB2,884million in the full year.
    Golden Eagle Nanjing Xinjiekou Store, a testimony to Golden Eagle's outstanding management model, offers high-end cosmetics, well-known brand's costume as well as fine household products, assisting many brands made ranked highest sales performance in the PRC and even the Asia-Pacific region.  It currently has over 530,000 loyal VIP customer base.

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